The Five Day Mindset Makeover (July 2022)

Welcome to The Five Day Mindset Makeover,

On this page you’ll find all the content you need to get started, plus this will be where I post the daily content as well as in the Facebook Group. If you haven’t already joined I encourage you to do so.

The Facebook Group is a great place to ask questions, get encouragement and grow together. 

Content Delivery & Support Sessions

Each day at around 8 am UK time I’ll post a short video for you to watch. This will contain some content for you to think about and a simple task. I’ll also send you an email letting you know the content is available. 

Each day at 7pm UK time there will also be an optional live Q&A session on Zoom. 

It will always be on this link with the password: Five

Your Foundation Content

During this Mindset Makeover, we’re going to use the Five Energies to help us understand ourselves and our emotions. Watch the short introductory video about the Energies, then watch each Energy video starting with your most dominant Energy in your Vitality Test Profile and work through the others from there.   

If you need to take The Vitality Test Click Here, and if you need to review your results, Click Here 

Core Content From Day 1 (18 mins)

Welcome to the start of our Five Day Mindset Makeover.

Here’s the content for Day 1.

Your Action: Make A Contract With Yourself – Make a pledge to be kind to earlier versions of yourself and learn from them. No beating up, criticising or being unkind based on your new knowledge. This is really important.

A couple of thoughts.

1. It’s always more powerful if you share a pledge/contract or whatever you want to call it. And write it out by hand or create some official document, which you sign.

So, spend some time considering this pledge (because it will change your future in a wonderful way) and then share it in the group either as text or posted up as a picture. Anything is fine.

2. I believe that progress is more powerful than procrastination around perfection. So, this doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s the 1st draft. And in that same light, to start with, you’ll probably fail to uphold your pledge 100% of the time. That’s normal ❤

Enjoy the video, and welcome to a kinder you xxx

The Q&A Session From Day 1

Thanks, everyone, for a great Q&A session, I loved your questions, observation and wisdom. Here’s the session video, and if you prefer audio only, here it is.
On the call, I said I’d share The Physicality of each Energy as a gift to support you. Here’s that content.

Core Content From Day 2

Welcome to Day 2

Your tasks are…

1. Ask this Conscious Question “Why is it my fundamental right to make mistakes?” And post on Facebook or email me what comes up as an answer…

2. Download my gift of example Conscious Questions from this link , and have a practice with a few Conscious Questions. 

Remember, this isn’t about perfection we’re practising. 

And do ask for help if required via email or in a Q&A.

You’ve got this! 

Bonus (and optional) Content For Day 2 (3:13 mins)

Bonus Exercise…

In this video, I have a little exercise that links to yesterday’s content about not beating yourself up and today’s content about Conscious Questions.

What I want you to do is move beyond not beating yourself up and into celebrating and recognising your brilliance – with the help of a Conscious Question.

The Q&A Session From Day 2

Here’s a recording of our second Q&A.  We had a great discussion about Conscious Questions and how to use them.

Thank you again for your great questions and observations – what a fantastic call.

And if you want to listen to it on the go, here’s the audio.

Core Content From Day 3 (18 mins)

Welcome to Mind School ❤
What’s the one thing you’re going to do to support the teacher?

Post on Facebook or if you don’t do Facebook, email me.

And here is the Gut Bacteria sheet:

The Q&A Session From Day 3

Here’s a recording of our third Q&A. Thank you again for your great questions and observations – what another fantastic call.

And if you want to listen to it on the go, here’s the audio.

Core Content From Day 4 (18 mins)

Welcome to Day 4, Here are your tasks

1. Share what personal Your Situational Confidence Trigger is. Mine is not understanding.
2. Write or type out the Normalising Stack to help you remember it.
3. Comment or thank someone else for sharing.

Below the main content is a short 3 min video with advanced coaching around this stack of questions. I look at how you can emphasise certain parts of this stack of questions to get a different response.

As always, there are Q&A sessions for extra clarity.

The Q&A Session From Day 4

Here’s a recording of our Q&A, and below that is some content I mentioned on Comparison, which comes as part of This Vital Life Monthly membership. I hope you find it helpful.

Thank you again for your great questions and observations.

Here’s the audio if you want to listen to it on the go.

Core Content From Day 5 (18 mins)

Can you believe it? We are on Day 5!

Here’s your content and tasks

Email me or share in the Facebook Group

1. What sort of Sovereign are you– or want to be?
2. What you choose – I choose…
3. In the Facebook Group, comment or thank someone else for sharing.

The Q&A Session From Day 5

Here’s a recording of our Day 5 Q&A.  

Thank you again for your great questions and for sharing your thoughts. I loved your openness to ask anything. Plus the way we explored such a range of subjects.

We also had a wonderful, powerful and moving song performed by Vanessa, which summed up beautifully everything The Five Day Mindset Makeover aims to achieve. Thank you, Vanessa, it was a special moment. 

We wrapped up our Day 5 Q&A with a prize draw. Which was a free1-2-1 with me on any subject you’d like. 
And the winner was… ( 59 mins )

Finally, here’s a link to This Vital Life, our community membership, which I have just opened up for a few days.   

This page tells you about it, but ask if you want or need more information.

Nick x 

PS. We have a Bonus Q&A for you on Tuesday 2nd of August at 7pm to ensure we’ve covered all your last questions. It’s on our normal link. 

PPS. Here is the audio of our Day 5 Q&A if you want to listen to it on the go.

Bonus Q&A Session ( Tuesday 2nd of August)

Here’s a recording of our Bonus Q&A!
As a video and audio.

Thank you again for your great questions. Exploring and discussing some of the finer points around this content was wonderful.

Just think how far you’ve come in such a short time.

Thank you Vanessa, for another glorious and uplifting song.

Here are a few things I promised.
1. This Vital Life Monthly Membership is open for a few days.
If you loved the Mindset Makeover, you’d adore This Vital Life.

2. The next 5-Day Mindset Makeover starts on the 22nd of August.
Currently, it’s on an Early Bird offer, so I’d love it if you would encourage your friends to fly over there. And if you’d like to join us again, that would be terrific. You’ll hear and appreciate something different next time.

3. Vanessa’s song from Friday

Finally, thank you for being born fabulous and sharing these past days with me. It’s been glorious sharing this kind space with you.

Nick xx
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