The Five Day Mindset Makeover (August 2022)

Welcome to The Five Day Mindset Makeover,

On this page, you’ll find all the content you need to get started, plus this will be where I post the daily content as well as in the Facebook Group. If you haven’t already joined, I encourage you to do so.

The Facebook Group is a great place to ask questions, get encouragement and grow together. 

Content Delivery & Support Sessions

Each day at around 8 am UK time I’ll post a short video for you to watch. This will contain some content for you to think about and a simple task. I’ll also send you an email letting you know the content is available. 

Each day at 7pm UK time there will also be an optional live Q&A session on Zoom. 

It will always be on this link with the password: Five

Your Foundation Content

During this Mindset Makeover, we’re going to use the Five Energies to help us understand ourselves and our emotions. Watch the short introductory video about the Energies, then watch each Energy video starting with your most dominant Energy in your Vitality Test Profile and work through the others from there.   

If you need to take The Vitality Test Click Here, and if you need to review your results, Click Here 

Core Content From Day 1

The Q&A Session From Day 1

Core Content From Day 2

The Q&A Session From Day 2

Core Content From Day 3

The Q&A Session From Day 3

Core Content From Day 4

The Q&A Session From Day 4

Core Content From Day 5

The Q&A Session From Day 5

Bonus Q&A Session

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