Lance Armstrong & The End Justifies The Means

Lance Armstrong

I remember watching Lance Armstrong on Oprah confessing about drug taking during his professional career.

And I was smiling to myself…

He exhibited to a tee, the brilliance of someone with lots of Wood Energy in their profile and the challenges.

Wood Energy gives people a drive and determination, even an obsessive fixation on something. His Wood Energy helped him overcome the odds as he fought cancer, it drove him to train and drive his body beyond what is possible. But it was also his challenge and ultimately his downfall.

It wasn’t the dictatorial tendencies, that Wood types can have when in full flow that caused his downfall but the internal lie that Wood types can tell themselves.

Each Energy type has a way that they deceive themselves and others.

For Wood Energy types it’s: The end justifies the means…

As he was being interviewed Oprah he played that rational to himself effortlessly.

By 2016 Lance Armstrong has moved into a slight Wood Energy victim/injustice play. Wood types can do victim or persecutor equally well, and hate injustice.

Check out this article and see these traits at play. Click Here

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